ESSU Constituition

I Name

  1. The name of our sacred Union shall be the Earth Sciences Student Union
  2. The motto of our sacred Union shall be ‘etgay ammeredhay’

II Objectives

The objectives of our sacred Union are:

  1. To promote and represent student interests with the Earth Sciences department
  2. To maintain good relations between faculty and the clasts
  3. To provide social and recreational activities for our clastship
  4. To provide educational opportunities such as training, certification and classes
  5. To provide professional development opportunities, such as volunteering and conventions
  6. To keep clasts from lithifying

III Clastship

Automatic clastship in our sacred Union shall be forced upon:

  1. All declared majors, minors, joint-majors, and honours students (if they don’t rub their GPA’s in our faces) in the department; and,
  2. All students who are currently enrolled in one or more courses offered by the department

IV Steering Committee Officers

The committee shall consist of:

  1. The Emperor (President)
  2. The Herald (Vice-President)
  3. The Pebble Counter (Treasurer)
  4. The Scribe (Secretary)
  5. The Bearer of the Brunton (Social Coordinator)
  6. The Minister of Propaganda (Social Media Coordinator)
  7. The Gopher (External Relations Officer)
  8. The Merchant (Merchandise Representative)
  9. The Departmental Committee Representative
  10. The Councillor
  11. The Web Net Wizard (Webmaster)

The powers and duties of the Steering Committee shall be limited to the following:

  1. Convening all Grand Confluences, having ensured that an agenda has been prepared and that due notice has been given
  2. Maintain communication between Our Sacred Union and the department, Faculty, and other University organizations as needed, including the SFSS and other student unions.
  3. Oversee and manage all the real work for the survival of Our Sacred Union

The powers and duties of the Officers shall be:

1) The Emperor (President)
a) to represent our sacred Union as a whole, and act as a primary liaison
b) to prepare agendas and chair meetings
c) to create or approve sub-committees as needed during a Grand Confluence
d) to act as a signing officer of the union

2) The Herald (Vice-President)
a) to assist the Emperor as required
b) to step in as Emperor when the Emperor is absent from a Grand Confluence or an event run by our sacred Union
c) to act as a signing officer of the union

3) The Pebble Counter (Treasurer)
a) to manage and maintain all financial and accounting matters of our sacred Union, including records of all allocations of our sacred Union funds
b) to report financial status to the clastship at a Grand Confluence
c) to prepare budgets each semester in with the help of the Steering Committee
d) to provide liaison between our sacred Union and all sources of funding
e) to act as a signing officer of the union

4) The Scribe (Secretary)
a) to take down the minutes of our Grand Confluences
b) to file, e-mail and publicly display said minutes to the clastship
c) to record and file all other communications and reports relevant to our sacred Union
d) to be literate or to make genuine attempts to become so

5) The Bearer of the Brunton (Social Coordinator)
a) must bear the “Serving it Right” certification
b) to organize social and other relevant internal events that promote networking, comradery and learning within the department and faculty
c) to making sure that all laws, regulations, and procedures for events and event planning have been adhered to
d) to see that the “Bruntons” have been properly acquired and distributed to all deserving clasts at events which require the “Bruntons”

6) The Minister of Propaganda (Social Media Coordinator)
a) to oversee and promote communication of our sacred Union such as advertisements and updates
b) to hold administrative power of social media accounts
c) to maintain our sacred Union’s online presence in the form of said social media, including posting advertisements and updates
d) to create propaganda such as logos, posters, and pamphlets for the use of our sacred Union, both offline and online, or in conjunction with the Merchant

7) The Gopher (External Relations)
a) to act as contact with all affairs external to our school, for the interests and promotion of our sacred Union
b) to maintain the aforementioned contacts for the benefit and future of our Sacred Union
c) to report on external events relevant to the interests of our sacred Union
d) to organize events with external contacts that promote education and networking, such as classes and training, in conjunction with the Social Coordinator where needed

8) The Merchant (Merchandise Representative)
a) to run merchandise campaigns
b) to create designs, in conjunction with with the Minister of Propaganda (or other similarly artistically skilled wizard) for use on department merchandise
c) to contact and organize all merchandise orders and sales
d) to enforce precipitation using viable currency, following hounding of clast clientele

9) The Departmental Committee Representative
a) to attend faculty meetings
b) to act as a representative of our sacred Union, not as an individual
c) to make our voice, the voice of our sacred Union and that of the undergraduate population, heard at faculty meetings
d) any opinions shared must be those of our sacred Union
e) to report happenings at the next Grand Confluence

10) The Councillor
a) to attend SFSS Council meetings
b) to attend SUS Council meetings
c) to act as a representative of our sacred Union, not as an individual
d) any opinions shared must be those of our sacred Union
e) to report happenings at the next Grand Confluence
f) in the event that the Councillor cannot attend both SFSS and SUS meetings, SUS meetings may be passed to the Gopher or other available Executive (such as the Departmental Committee Representative); the SFSS meetings remain the Duty of the Councillor

11) The Web Net Wizard (Webmaster)
a) should possess baseline skills in web development and database maintenance
b) to program, design, maintain and update the union’s professional online presence with relevant dates, minutes and advertisements, outside of social media
c) in the event that the number of executive council positions exceeds the number of interested representative (or a lack of interest), the webmaster position may be dissolved into the duties of the Social Media Coordinator until such time that a Webmaster position can be supported or is needed

V Meetings

  1. There shall be 3 or more Grand Confluences per semester. Notice of the Grand Confluences shall consist of at least one announcement by the Emperor or Executive Assistant to anyone who will listen.
  2. Quorum for a Grand Confluence shall be 4 clasts of our sacred Union. Any two clasts, however, may start a Quarrel at any time. Proxy votes are not allowed.
  3. If, at any time, no clast of the steering committee is able or willing to call a Grand Confluence at the request of the clastship, any clast may publicly declare that the steering committee is a bunch of mindless jerks and may call a Grand Confluence providing:
    • a) Proper notice of 3 days is given to the clastship.
    • b) The committee for departmental student unions is informed of the particulars.

VI Executive Elections

  1. Terms of office for officers shall be for one year from the time of election, unless the officer would like to relinquish their position and a suitable replacement can be found.
  2. Elections shall take place in March of the Spring semester. Nominations are open until the election is conducted.
  3. Any clast of our sacred Union is eligible for any position.
  4. Attempts to fill any vacancy in the steering committee (excepting that between the ears of the Emperor) shall be made at the next Grand Confluence.
  5. The clasts may boot out any elected clasts by a 2/3 vote of the clasts present at a quorate meeting called for this purpose. Notice of the meeting must contain its purpose.
  6. An executive council member may hold no more than one executive position at a time as long as the number of interested members attending meetings exceeds the number of executive positions
  7. In the event that the number of interested members does not exceed the number of executive positions, an executive council member may not hold more than two executive positions
  8. At the beginning of each semester, Executives holding more than one position must relinquish all but one position to a general election to allow all interested, eligible non Electives to run. Doing so will:
    • a) Give new members a chance to become involved in the ESSU
    • b) Prevent exclusivity
  9. At the conclusion of an Election, the Emperor, Herald, or Executive Assistant (outgoing, in the event the Election saw new occupants) must report a full list of the clast names (including both new clasts, and continuing clasts) and email addresses of the Steering Committee, and Signing Officers, to the Student Union Organizer.
  10. At the conclusion of an Election, the Emperor, Herald, and Pebble Counter must become sworn signing authorities.

VII Financials

  1. There will be a minimum of two signing officers.
  2. Reimbursements will be given:
    • a) Only with a valid receipt, or bank statement, and only in original hard copy
    • b) In the original method of payment
    • c) May take a minimum of two weeks to process
    • d) Training reimbursements will have a one year expiration date from the date of the receipt
    • e) Exceptions may be given at the treasurer’s discretion
  3. All financial decisions MUST be passed in the presence of the Pebble Counter; if the Pebble Counter cannot be present, written consent from the Pebble Counter may be accepted as a proxy provided the matter has been discussed with the Pebble Counter before-hand.

VIII The Constitution

  1. This Constitution may be amended by the clastship by a 2/3 majority of those present at a quorate Grand Confluence called for the purpose, with the proposed amendment clearly posed in the subsurface, and within the department one week prior to the meeting.
  2. Section VIII shall not be amended. (Except in a secret lunar eclipse confluence)

IX Dissolution

In the event that the clasts decide to dissolve our sacred Union, or in the event that our sacred Union becomes inactive, all assets of our sacred Union become the property of the Simon Fraser Student Society, to be held in trust for a period of two years. (Woe to the Emperor that lets such a thing happen)

  1. If, during this trust period, a newer, more sacred Union is formed to represent the interests of Earth Sciences Students and the downtrodden everywhere, or if our sacred Union becomes active, the trust shall be dissolved and all assets shall become property of the sacred Union.
  2. After two years, if the trust has not been dissolved, the Simon Fraser Student Society may dispose of the assets as it sees fit

For the purpose of this article, our sacred Union shall have become inactive if, for two consecutive semesters, the clastship does not hold the minimum number of quorate Grand Confluences as required by the Constitution. This article shall not be altered except with the prior written consent of the Simon Fraser Student Society.

Appendix 1: Definitions for the Non-Geominded

Brunton: a brand name for a Geological Field transit manufactured by Brunton, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A (land of the free, home of the brave.); also used to indicate choice beverages

Clast: a fragment of geological detritus, often a constituent of a clastic rock, and a member of our sacred Union

Grand Confluence: the meeting of two rivers in geomorphic terms and the meeting of two minds, and several students, in terms of the Earth Sciences Student Union

Signing Officer: Clasts of the Steering Committee authorized to requisition reimbursements, book rooms, order audio/visual equipment and other duties

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