The Earth Science Student Union (ESSU) is the undergraduate student body representative for the Earth Sciences Department at Simon Fraser University. The ESSU represents all SFU students in the faculty of Earth Sciences. This includes all students currently enrolled in any Earth Science course (EASC courses).

There are 12 executive positions filled by student volunteers that manage the student union. These are elected positions and elections are held each year in March. Besides the elected positions there are many opportunities to volunteer with the student union during our events.

The Emperor (President)

Alex Kristinsson

The role of President was handed to Alex at the beginning of the Summer 2021 semester. They are the head of the ESSU and lead the meetings of our sacred union.

The Herald (Vice – President)

Maria Carter

The role of the Herald is to assist the emperors as required. Kenya was co-empress in 2019-2020 as is perfect for this position. She is an invaluable resource to the current emperor.

The Pebble Counter (Treasurer)

Rob Berkowski

The role of the Pebble Counter is to to manage and maintain all financial and accounting matters of our sacred Union, including records of all allocations of our sacred Union funds. The Fall 2021 semester will be Rob’s first semester taking on the of Treasurer after being Co-Treasurer during the Spring and Summer 2021 semesters

The Scribe (Secretary)

Maria Carter

The role of the Scribe is to to take down the minutes of our Grand Confluences and to file, e-mail and publicly display said minutes to the clastship. Maria started her responsibilities as the Minister of Propaganda in Spring 2019 and moved into the scribe position in Fall 2019.

The Bearer of the Brunton (Social Coordinator)

Kenya Franz

The Bearer of the Brunton organizes social and other relevant internal events that promote networking, comradeship and learning within the department and faculty. Kenya has assisted with this duty as herald in Spring 2019 and again as empress in Summer 2019. Now she is in place as official Bearer of the Brunton.

The Minister of Propaganda (Social Media Coordinator)

Kelsey Krossa

The Minister of propaganda must oversee and promote communication of our sacred Union. This includes maintaining our sacred Union’s online presence in the form of social media and creating propaganda such as posters and logos. Kelsey started working in the Sacred Union in Spring 2019 as the Scribe and switched with Maria in Fall 2019 to be minister of propaganda.

The Gopher (External Relations)

Currently Open

The Gopher must to act as contact with all affairs external to our school, for the interests and promotion of our sacred Union. They also organize events with external contacts that promote education and networking.

The Merchant (Merchandise Representative)

Chantal Fiola

The Merchant runs merchandise campaigns and creates designs, in conjunction with with the Minister of Propaganda (or other similarly artistically skilled wizard) for use on department merchandise. Chantal joined our Sacred Union as Co-Merchant in spring 2021 and now has fully taken up the role of Merchant this summer, working to ensure a quality supply of merchandise.

The Departmental Committee Representative

Rob Berkowski

The DCR attends faculty meetings and acts as a representative of the sacred union. Their role is to make the voice of the undergraduate population heard at faculty meetings.

The Councillor

Currently Open

The Councillor attends SFSS and SUS meetings. They act as a representative of the sacred union and share the opinions of the union during those meetings.

The Web Net Wizard (Webmaster)

Matt Sayles

The Web Net Wizard must program, design, maintain and update the union’s professional online presence with relevant dates, minutes and advertisements, outside of social media. Matt took up this role during the fall 2020 semester and has been in charge since then in updating any information on the ESSU website.